Issue a tort notice to an abandoned vehicle

If a vehicle is abandoned/untaxed and all efforts to get the owner to collect it fail there is a procedure under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 to dispose of the vehicle.

Step 1 below has a link for you to download a free Tort Notice, the Tort Notice can be placed on any abandoned vehicle on private land. If the vehicle remains abandoned for more than 28 days after serving the Tort Notice, you can proceed to STEP 2 and arrange removal of the abandoned vehicle .

Important - we advise you to check the following before issuing a Tort Notice to a vehicle.

Useful Checks

Conditions which would indicate a vehicle has been abandoned are:

- Is the vehicle un-taxed? check MOT, TAX & insurance status by using this link
- Have any wheels been removed or are the tyres flat?
- Are any of the windows broken?
- Does the vehicle contain rubbish?
- Is there rubbish or debris under the vehicle, indicating that it has not moved for some time?
- Does the vehicle have number plates?
- Has the vehicle been 'hot-wired ' (are there wires hanging from the dashboard)?
- Has the vehicle been vandalised?

STEP 1 - Download & issue a TORT notice

Download, print and attach the 28 days Tort Notice to any abandoned vehicle on your private land. If after 28 days the vehicle has not moved, proceed to STEP 2 to order removal of the vehicle.

STEP 2 - Order vehicle removal (cost £19.99)

Only proceed if the below statements apply:

The vehicle is on my/our private land
The vehicle is of an abandoned condition
The TORT Notice was served over 28 days ago and the owner has not moved it or made contact with you.

The Vehicle

Please upload a minimum of 1 photo


I confirm that I give authority to remove and dispose of the above vehicle. I have served the owner with a 28 day Tort Notice for leaving the vehicle abandoned on my private land, which has been place on the vehicle windscreen. I can also confirm the condition of the vehicle is of an abandoned nature.

Tick to confirm you have read and agree with the above Declaration.