Advanced Solar Powered ANPR camera technology

Our high tech solar powered ANPR cameras have the added installation flexibility as no mains electricity is required so that they can be installed in the most optimal position. Our advanced solar panels ensure the camera can operate day & night and through all weather conditions.

Our solar powered ANPR cameras read the vehicle registration plates on entry and exit of a car park. Our data centre will then calculate if a vehicle has overstayed the max stay parking restrictions, any car that has overstayed can then be issued a parking charge notice. Alternatively, if you want to generate additional revenue from your car park, our solar ANPR cameras can check that your customer has paid for their parking when exiting the car park.

All solar powered ANPR installations are carried out by our fully trained installation teams and will provide ongoing maintenance of the camera and solar panels to ensure there is no camera downtime.

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Our clients benefit from:

Free service

Our Solar Powered ANPR camera system is free to set up and maintain when you use our enforcement services.

Signage provided free of charge

We provide free car park signage and installation

Full installation & maintenance service

We install and maintain the Solar Powered ANPR camera system.

latest anpr technology

NPC provide the latest ANPR technology providing a high quality service.

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