Our EV bay management solution counters the problem of EV charging bay abuse.

With the rapid rise of popularity in electric vehicles, it has never been more imperative to ensure electric vehicle charging bays are available for those who need it most. Often motorists of petrol and diesel cars will occupy the EV bays unlawfully due to the priority location of electric vehicle parking.

Our ANPR cameras monitor the charging bays to safeguard from internal combustion engine vehicles occupying the parking space. Any motorists unlawfully parking in the EV bays can be issued with a parking charge notice to deter any future offences.

Our car park management services are provided free of charge when implemented alongside one of our enforcement options, if you are unsure which service best suits your car park please speak with our sales team who will help you tailor the service you require.

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Our clients benefit from:

Free service

Line marking and signage for EV bays are free to install when you use one of our enforcement services.

Reduction in parking abuse

Our enforcement services will drastically reduce EV bay parking abuse